Belete Tekle, ‘King George Bar At Piassa , Addis Ababa Ethiopia,1967’, 1967, David Krut Projects

Belete’s photos showcase the memory of a city. Addis
Ababa is well documented during this time period because
he archived all of his photos. Belete’s collection allows us to
look to the past and appreciate Addis Ababa retrospectively.

Born in 1936 and deceased in 2014, Belete Tekle began his
photography career in the 1960s as a photographer for the
municipality of Addis Ababa. Belete’s portfolio is a collection
of images that spans three periods of Ethiopia’s political
history. He photographed various international officials and
presidents while they visited Addis Ababa, such as H.I.M Haile
Selassie, Fidel Castro and Col. Mohamed Gadafi. Starting
from 1960 until the end of 1990, he documented urban and
societal development. He shot for the city administration
and worked on numerous papers and magazines in the city.

Series: Addis Ababa Archives

About Belete Tekle