Ben Charles Weiner, ‘Silicone Painting 1’, 2016, Mark Moore Fine Art

Series: In his series of “Gel Monochromes” and “Silicone Paintings," Weiner invokes the painted monochrome's historical position as a hybrid of mass production and handcraft. The paintings' uniform color schemes and high definition imagery belie their origins as works of the hand. However, upon closer inspection, painted gestures and imperfections reveal the artist's process as one of deep personal engagement. Weiner further explores this human-mechanical duality through his use of repetitive imagery. Starting with the same base image, he works to create multiple painted compositions by rearranging formal elements and canvas dimensions-- a practice he likens to the use of stock textures in graphic design.

Signature: Signed Verso

About Ben Charles Weiner

Connecting two opposing styles—abstraction and photorealism—Ben Weiner creates hyper-detailed, lush paintings and videos of extremely magnified consumer products, including hair gel, chemical food additives, and deodorant. In his work, he presents such meticulously rendered, close-up views of his subjects that they read as pure abstractions. A through-line in Weiner’s various bodies of work is contemporary culture’s obsession with bodily enhancement through chemical products—whether by using hair products or taking illegal drugs. To create his drawings, the artist soaks monochrome drawings or to-do lists on chromatographic paper in solutions of drugs, creating colorful psychedelic washes generated by chance based on the substance’s chemical composition.

American, b. 1980, Burlington, Vermont, based in Queens, New York