Ben Jones, ‘Ben Jones Comics Panel #12 (New Emojis)’, 2016, The Hole

About Ben Jones

Ben Jones is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice includes a wide variety of media, from ’zines, videos, music, and digital art, to television shows, comics, furniture, and installations. “A lot of my work is connected to how I use my computer,” Jones has said. “Even though it’s a ‘precise digital tool’ the computer can be very expressionistic.” The characteristics that unite his projects include an emphasis on the hand-made over the mass-produced, and several recurring images. “The themes that survive the different executions I attempt hopefully get stronger and maybe more pure,” he says. He lists among his inspirations comics, graffiti, and low-fi video games.

American, b. 1977, Gibraltar, United Kingdom, based in Providence, Rhode Island

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