Ben Vautier, ‘PSAP #07: "Introspection Truth, Art & Sex"’, 2013,  ECC Collection

This book is the documentation of Personal Structures Art Projects # 07. It has been published as a limited edition. The edition comprises 100 copies of which 50 DeLuxe, numbered from 1 to 50, and 50 DeLuxe hors commerce, numbered from I to L. In addition, there have been created 10 Artist Proofs, numbered from 1 to 10. Each item of this limited edition consists of a book and a DVD about Ben
Vautier with the authors in a case, housed together in a cassette. The edition is signed by the artist and additionally contains a mirror with a text by Ben.

Series: Personal Structures Art Projects are projects which are documented as special edition artists’ books. Each project centralizes one artist and emphasises his work. All books in this series will be published by Global Art Affairs Foundation, the Netherlands. An excerpt of each project will additionally be published in the ongoing series Personal Structures: Time ∙ Space ∙ Existence.

Publisher: Global Art Affairs Foundation and coöperation with the European Cultural Centre

About Ben Vautier

French, b. 1935, Naples, Italy, based in Nice, France

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