Benjam, ‘Adam’, 2018, {9} The Gallery
Benjam, ‘Adam’, 2018, {9} The Gallery
Benjam, ‘Adam’, 2018, {9} The Gallery

"Adam" is one of a pair of works produced by Benjam for his solo show "What the Cut" at {9} The Gallery. The works were inspired by Bruce Springsteen's song "Pink Cadillac" and Benjam hand-wrote the relevant verse on the reverse of the piece. "Adam" and its sister piece, "Eve" are unique works of stencil art on Arizona license plates. Benjam hand cuts each multi-layer stencil and sprays them one layer at a time to produce his final image.

Series: "What the Cut" Series

Signature: Lower right and on back

Image rights: Benjamin Goens

"Benjam: What the Cut?", {9} The Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona, January 2018

About Benjam

American, Gilbert, AZ, USA, based in Gilbert, AZ, USA