Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, ‘Found Concrete Side Table Acrylic Base’, 2010, Industry Gallery

Concrete found at a store renovation site has been cut to shape, cleaned and sprayed with a high gloss industrial grade sealer. The variations in the surface of the concrete are created by the plastic lining that the concrete was originally poured onto. An acrylic base is made to size for the concrete to rest on forming the table.

About Benjamin Rollins Caldwell

Dubbed “the re-inventor”, designer and founder of BRC Designs Benjamin Rollins Caldwell creates furniture from both traditional and unconventional materials—from wood, metal, glass, plastic, and stone, to playing cards, defunct pianos, reclaimed computer parts, books, bottle caps, and children’s toys. Caldwell sources materials from thrift and antique stores, and junk yards, and has said, “sometimes the objects I discover simply inspire an overall design idea, and other times the objects actually become the raw material for the piece.” His “binary collection”, which garnered attention recently when Lady Gaga featured one of Caldwell’s chairs on the cover of her ArtPop album, incorporates motherboards, computer chips, and LED screens. Other designs have included a lamp composed of recycled piano keys, and a chair and table made from copper piping.

American, b. 1983, based in Inman, South Carolina