Beom Kim, ‘Untitled (Water from Ganges River in the Cup Made with Newspaper from Congo)’, 2016, STPI

In the Untitled series of lithographs, Kim presents a composition of geometric silhouettes and mirror writing plunges monochromatic abstract forms into absurd contexts. Here, he juxtaposes the concreteness and specificity of the places adopted in the titles against the abstract quality of the images.

Taking advantage of the power balance between the artist and the viewer to position the artist as an agent of truth, the works are also an astute commentary on the intentional manipulation of the public by higher authorities like the mass media, through assigned and skewed perspectives that serve particular interests. Through this, Kim compels the audience away from taking things at face value, and instead, to being more attentive and critical in observing the world around them.

About Beom Kim

Korean, b. 1963, Seoul, South Korea, based in Seoul, South Korea

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