Berna Reale, ‘Palomo’, 2013, TNT Arte

A artista foi premiada na Bienal de Veneza com a série dessa a qual essa obra pertence.

About Berna Reale

In her performances and installations, Berna Reale engages either her own body or those of willing participants to reflect on the contemporary sociopolitical moment. A participant in the Venice Biennale, Reale is particularly interested in the violence that permeates Brazil and seeks to urge viewers to confront this in the public sphere. For her 2014 performance Rosa púrpura, Reale hired a group of women to parade around her hometown in schoolgirl outfits and with exaggerated lip ornaments to evoke sex dolls. She filmed the event, documented the women’s experiences online, and circulated images on fliers within her town to engender a conversation around the fetishization of and violence enacted against women.

Brazilian, b. 1965, based in Belém do Pará, Brazil