Bernard Aubertin, ‘Tableau Clous’, 1969, TAG TheArtGallery

Signature: On the lower right: “Bernard Aubertin 1969”

Tornabuoni Arte, Firenze
"Arte internazionale del XX Secolo".TAG The Art Gallery, Aprile-Luglio 2016, Lugano

"Arte internazionale del XX Secolo". Exhibition catalogue edit by Giorgio Giovanni Pandini

Tornabuoni Arte, Firenze

About Bernard Aubertin

Bernard Aubertin is known for his monochromatic red paintings. For Aubertin, the red paintings create a depersonalized, mediated experience: they symbolize fire and blood, while at the same time allowing him the space for anonymity. A member of the experimental Dusseldorf Zero Group—founded by Heinz Mack, Otto Piene, and Günther Uecker in 1963—Aubertin reacted against Art Informel and Neo-Expressionism and was interested in developing a new art rooted in international collaborations, concepts, and ideas.

French, 1934-2015, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France