Bernard (Bernie) Fuchs, ‘Girl at the Beach’, ca. 1960, Robert Funk Fine Art

Wonderful 60's chic is on full display in this beach scene. It's masterfully designed. The beautiful model horizontally fills the center space while supporting players fill background spaces. The style is very flat with lots of gray muting the color and defining the artist's palette. Fuch's was a giant talent who is overlooked by today's art world participants. His style could be described as a post-post impressionist. This particular work is so deftly designed and exhibits the most intriguing positive and negative spaces. The model is rendered with loose, quick and authoritative brush strokes which give an air of chic confidence. Most of all, it's her dreamy blue eyes that truly captivate the viewer. All parts of the eye ( Iris, Pupil, Sclera ) are composed of a soft robin's egg blue which is in counterpoint the pink day-glow color on her lips. She looks at you. You look back and the process is repeated and repeated. Fuch's not just a great painter, designer, academic artist but a brilliant and innovative colorist as well. To demonstrate how great this simple work is, out of a world population of 7.2 billion people, as a betting man, I would say there may be no other artist who could render a scene this good. An artist such as the great Peter Doig is he may come close to the talent of Fuchs. On closer inspection of Doig's work, as great as he is, one should rate him more of a derivative artist. He may achieve numbing prices of a million dollars but he would benefit to be Bernie Fuchs understudy. The Art World is full of contemporary artists who knowingly or unknowingly have highjacked the styles of commercial artists. As a student of illustration history and as a former New York Advertising Agency Art Director I know the examples are vast. Perhaps, one day when the wider art community will become fully away of how great American illustrators of the Golden and Post-Golden era are. Then finally, we can put contemporary art in its proper perspective.

Signature: Signed lower right,

Magazine illustration. Perhaps McCalls, Redbook, The Ladies Home Journal, Sports Illustrated

Private collection

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