Bernard Chadwick, ‘Shape Note, Black’, 2012, Klowden Mann

Series: Synesthesia

Image rights: Bernard Chadwick

About Bernard Chadwick

In two- and three-dimensional works, multimedia artist Bernard Chadwick explores the visual and aural experience of space and the foundations of social interaction. Plaster sculptures, suitcase amps, sound elements, and projected videos have all featured in his compositions, creating an environment of rich sensory stimulation that he has compared to synesthetic experience. Exhibitions of his work have included interactive listening events, during which people gather in the gallery to listen collectively to music selected by the artist. “My undergrad was actually in drawing and painting,” Chadwick explains. “Now my work is installation dealing in video with experimental and conceptual ideas about sound. So everything’s fair game.”

American, b. 1982, based in Los Angeles, CA, United States