Berndt Friberg, ‘Grouping of Vases’, 1934-1965, Hostler Burrows

Height: 6-14 in

Manufacturer: Gustavsberg Studio, Sweden

About Berndt Friberg

Born to a family of potters in 1899, Berndt Friberg would go on to become Sweden’s leading master of the craft. A consummate perfectionist, Friberg threw all of his own pots, creating elegant and delicate shapes and only keeping those that met his high standards. For inspiration, he looked to the traditions of China and Japan, and he painstakingly applied color in layer after layer to achieve matte finishes with incredible warmth and depth and his signature “rabbit’s fur” textured glaze. In 1944 he joined the esteemed Gustavsberg Studio, where he would work until his death. He received many awards, including gold medals at the Milan Triennale in 1948, 1951, and 1954.

Swedish, 1889-1981