Bernhard Buhmann, ‘The Great Loss’, 2012-2013, Carbon 12

This work was revealed to the public for the first time During Art Dubai 2013, Dubai/UAE.

Shown for the first time at Art Dubai.

About Bernhard Buhmann

Bernhard Buhmann’s surreal paintings conjure alternate realities, complete with jesters, buskers, and flying machines. Buhmann works from his imagination, fusing elements from art history and science fiction to create images that are uniquely dream-like in their inherent formal familiarity, but are in fact complete surrealist fantasy. The works are whimsical, but his manifested mental world can quickly turn ominous. Buhmann’s canvases are sizable enough to envelop and immerse viewers in layers of color and dense imagery, emphasizing an illusionistic effect; “they [the machines] seem to be three-dimensional, even if it’s not possible,” he says.

Austrian, b. 1979, Bregenz, Austria, based in Vienna, Austria

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