Bernhard Zimmer, ‘Faces 45’, 2014, Artspace Warehouse

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At first glance, German artist Bernhard Zimmer's paintings appear abstract, similar to a meditative object without life or depopulated landscapes. The onlooker gets lured into the artworks by the unconventional forms of finely textured and shimmering surfaces, flooded by the colors and their subtle relationships, and ends up discovering that the painting is full of life. The depth of the artworks is striking; it creates a kind of ontology of life in the open space to make itself felt. The various elements of this artwork stick together in a narrow spectrum of colors and vibrate in their color nuances. Bernhard Zimmer's powerfully colored images are relief-like structures that he built from many layers of paint. His focus is the visualization and reflection of the tension between order and chaos. The artist creates a fine balance to the juxtaposing elements in his layered and complex artwork.

1957 born in Stuttgart, Germany
1978 to 1984 Study of Cultural Studies in Hildesheim, Germany
Since 1984 Lives and works in Cologne, Germany
Exhibitions in Hanover, Munich, Dusseldorf, Basel, Gent, Singapore etc.

Zimmer has managed to create a positive stir at major international art fairs (Art Basel, Kunst Köln, etc.). His lively and mysterious compositions and executions pique the taste of the serious art collector.

2015 Art-co. Galerie, Aachen, Germany
Galerie Reitz, Köln, Germany
Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles
2014 Kunstwarenhaus Zurich, Switzerland
2013 Galerie Biesenbach, Köln, Germany
HLP Galerie, Wesseling, Germany
Galerie Wilmsen, Hergatz, Germany
2012 Galerie Artco, Aachen , Germany
Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles
2011 Galerie Reitz, Köln, Germany
2010 Galerie Artco, Aachen, Germany
Galerie Reitz, Köln, Germany
2008 Galerie Reitz, Köln, Germany
Galerie Muenchow, Zürich
2006 Galerie Reitz, Köln, Germany
Wolkenburg, Köln, Germany
Galeria Sineu Estacio, Mallorca, Spain
2005 Galerie Muenchow, Zürich, Switzerland
Art Forum Riehen, Basel/Köln
2004 Fesser, Trier, Germany
2003 Hesse, Hannover Hiscox, München, Germany
Döres, Köln, Germany
2002 CBH, Köln, Germany
2001 Galerie Depelmann, Hannover, Germany
Galerie Glanz, Erftstadt, Austria
Credit Suisse, Switzerland
Art Forum Riehen/Basel, Switzerland
1988 – 2001 Inter Art Galerie, Köln, Germany
1998 A. Hansrod, Singapur, Singapore
1997 Museum Langes Tannen, Hamburg, Germany
1995 Alte Feuerwache, Köln, Germany
1993 Stollwerck-Museum, Köln, Germany
1992 EP Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany
1990 Galerie Pului, Praterinsel München, Germany
1984 Kunstverein Holzminden, Germany
Kunstverein Hildesheim, Germany
1982 Galerie Berger, Bochum, Germany

Public Collections
LB Bank Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Stadtsparkasse, Köln, Germany
R+V Versicherung, Köln, Germany
Oberpostdirektion, Köln, Germany

Art Fairs
2015 AAF New York, USA
2014 Houston Fine Art Fair, Texas, USA
2014 Love Art Fair Toronto, Canada
Art14 London, UK
2013 Art Fair, Cologne, Germany
ART Karlsruhe, Germany
2012 ART Karlsruhe, AAF Los Angeles, Art San Diego
2001-2011 Kunst Köln, Kunstmesse Dresden, Kunstmesse Hamburg, ART Frankfurt, ART Karlsruhe, Kunstmesse Innsbruck, Kunst Wien, Kunstmesse Dornbirn
1990 Kunstmesse Hamburg
1988 ART Basel, Switzerland
1987 ART Gent, Belgium
1986 ART Basel, Switzerland

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About Bernhard Zimmer

Bernhard Zimmer produces layered, subtly textured paintings that hold opposites—order and chaos, abstraction and representation, boldness and subtlety—in exquisite tension. Working with oil and mixed media on canvas, he paints fields of soft shapes, blocks of color, and delicate lines; grids of sketchily rendered faces; and blocks of text or word fragments partially submerged, like hieroglyphics, in rich washes of color. Like reliefs, his compositions are built up from numerous layers of paint, marks, and images. Their surfaces shift with the light and the changing position of the viewer. Full of strength and fragility, Zimmer’s works reward patient viewing, revealing their rich visual nuances to those who take time to look into their layers.

German, b. 1957

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