Bernie Taupin, ‘Intermission’, 2016, KM Fine Arts

About Bernie Taupin

A renowned songwriter-turned-visual artist, Bernie Taupin considers himself a storyteller first and foremost. He views art as a visual extension of his song lyrics. Taupin works in an abstract expressionist style that incorporates elements of pop art, synthesizing the signature styles and ideologies of Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko, and Clyfford Still. Using house paint, oil paint, wood stains, and spray paint, Taupin mobilizes color and form to convey emotions. Bright colors in oblong shapes connote affection, while dark colors with fragmented edges are associated with pain. When he worked as a songwriter for Elton John, Taupin channeled an affinity for the American West into his lyrics; now he cites urban environments as inspirations for his paintings.

British, b. 1950, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, based in Los Angeles, California

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