Beryl Korot, ‘Yellow Water Taxi’, 2003, bitforms gallery

27" flat screen monitor.

Display dimensions variable.

“Yellow Water Taxi” is a colorful scene of movement, bound by a woven grid underlying its electronic image. Korot remarks in a recent catalog about the work: "A morning walk to the Esplanade, near where the Towers had been– just to watch and record water taxis ferrying people between New Jersey and New York City– then riding across a piece of handmade canvas scanned into the computer."

About Beryl Korot

An early video art pioneer, Beryl Korot is well known for her installation works that explore the relationship between analog technologies—such as the loom—and video. “Just as the spinning and gathering of wool serve as the raw material for a weave,” Korot says, “so the artist working with video selects images to serve as the basic substance of the work.” With landmark multiple-channel installation works such as Text and Commentary (1977), Korot developed new possibilities for the creation of visual narratives; in other works, she has used painting to meditate on language by inventing a coded analog grid for the Roman alphabet. In 1970 Korot co-founded Radical Software, an early publication to explore alternative communication systems.

American, b. 1945, New York, New York