Beth Campbell, ‘Endless Outcomes’, 2017, Dieu Donné
Beth Campbell, ‘Endless Outcomes’, 2017, Dieu Donné
Beth Campbell, ‘Endless Outcomes’, 2017, Dieu Donné

Dieu Donné is pleased to present the newest PAPER VARIABLES collaboration with Beth Campbell, an artist whose practice ranges from drawing to sculpture to installation. In her variable edition, Endless Outcomes, Campbell developed an "arrested mobile" using handmade paper, with embedded strings and shaped color components encapsulated between a colored base sheet and a translucent abaca paper overlay.

Campbell’s mobile imagery reflects her ongoing exploration of stream of consciousness, which began with her now-acclaimed series, My Potential Future Based on Present Circumstances. Using pencil and paper—and a good amount of humor—this earlier series illustrated Campbell’s personal monologues, and the ways in which every day hypotheticals, whether chosen or random, shape our trajectories. She wrote out various everyday encounters or circumstances (i.e. “upcoming studio visit with curator”), along with the multiple potential outcomes (i.e. “studio visit goes well” or “studio visit goes bad”). Each outcome presented new potentialities; two choices leading to four, and so on, until a web of possible paths created something akin to a board game.

For Endless Outcomes, Campbell built on this idea of using a core point—her first hypothetical—and connecting a sequence of outcomes, as in her earlier drawings and sculpture. She selected color and string combinations in an embrace of the collaboration’s variable intent, and laid each string composition meticulously by hand in the wet base sheets of paper. Working together with Studio Collaborator, Amy Jacobs, shaped deckles were used to create the colored mobile components, and laid them into the wet composition. Finally, a translucent sheet of abaca paper was applied, promoting unique aspects of the papermaking process, and enabling a contrast between the portion of the work that is determined—color and string combinations—and the length of the strings, which extend below the plane, creating an effect of unknown possibility, more and more choices.

Beth Campbell (b. 1971) currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. The artist received her MFA from Ohio University. She has exhibited solo shows at various institutions including Kate Werble Gallery, New York, NY (2012, 2017), Anne Mosseri-Marlio Galerie, Basel, CH (2014), The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, OH (2010), Nicole Klagburn Gallery, New York, NY (2005, 2008), and also presented a solo project at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY from 2007-2008. Her first museum survey, My Potential Future Past was on view at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in 2017.

Paper Variables is an opportunity to collect art by renowned contemporary artists at an affordable price while making an important contribution to the creation of new work in handmade paper. Embracing the egalitarian spirit of the traditional edition, this artist-driven series produces new works in collaboration with our studio staff, featuring unique touches of the artist’s hand.

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