Beth Dary, ‘Teem (series)’, 2013, Muriel Guépin Gallery

About Beth Dary

Through repeating images of circles and bubbles, rendered in a variety of media, Beth Dary explores our destabilization of the landscape and climate. She notes that bubbles and circles can be found everywhere: “Bubbles of ancient CO2 captured in Arctic ice; mottled primordial landscapes that, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, grew inside houses; fractal patterns formed by the liquid contaminants in urban runoff.” The artist has floated glass orbs in water, adhered hand-cast barnacles to walls, made drawings of circles documenting drift patterns along beaches, and created bubble-like concretions out of resin and wax. Through this repeated motif, Dary not only connects a variety of natural phenomena, but also creates her own constellation of forms.


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