Bethan Laura Wood, ‘Shrine’, 2012, Nilufar Gallery

About Bethan Laura Wood

Fascinated by collections of everyday objects, Bethan Laura Wood creates products that explore and re-contextualize elements of the mundane. Often influenced by her local surroundings, Wood will incorporate characteristics of her current residence and collaborate with local manufacturers, as in her “Particle” furniture, which incorporates faux-wood laminate to reference packing materials—inspired while working from a location that was once a hub of banana importing. Wood is a graduate of the University of Brighton and the Royal College of Art, where she studied three-dimensional design and product design, respectively. After having established her own practice in London, Wood designs and produces a wide range of objects including jewelry, ceramics, large-scale interventions, and limited-edition lighting and furniture, such as her “Moon Rock” marquetry tables (inspired by craters of the moon) that exemplify her use of pattern, coloration, and patina.

British, b. 1983