Bettina Buck, ‘Untitled, Diptych’, 2013, Rokeby Gallery

Throughout her practice Buck investigates the act of doing something; whether it be her sculptures and objects or herself, all subjects are occupied in an action. In Untitled, Diptych, Buck’s body is extended and bears various weights and apparatus. In a gesture that touches on the absurd, an almost unrecognizable form is presented in which both gravity and the artist is tested.

About Bettina Buck

Bettina Buck is an adamantly anti-modernist artist who, in her own words, creates work that “simultaneously attracts and alienates the viewer” and “creates a tremor, a vibration and a conversation with its surroundings.” Buck’s sculptures are assemblages and reconfigurations of found industrial materials like carpets, posters, foam, latex, and plastic. She draws upon the objects’ histories, while also creating jolting contrasts of their textures and forms. To heighten the disquieting effect of her work, Buck sometimes displays the work at unconventional heights. Though they appear abstract, these works sometimes have anthropomorphic traits or illustrate narratives. Buck’s sculptures also draw upon classical forms, mythology, and traditions of sculpture.

German, b. 1974