Betty Woodman, ‘Fountain’, 2016, ICI Annual Benefit & Auction 2016

Betty Woodman is a New York-based ceramic artist, who has mastered a whirlwind of styles and methods. Active since the 1950s, she has long pushed the boundaries of ceramics, spilling over into painting and drawing. Fountain (2016) was produced alongside her large-scale Liverpool Fountain, a public commission created for the 2016 Liverpool Biennial. Like much of Woodman's work, the Liverpool Fountain draws from a cavalcade of imagery, in this case ranging from Etruscan sculpture to Cubism. Fountain, based on the artist's preparatory sketches for her commission, revels in what Woodman calls the "self-conscious neoclassical… references" of Liverpool's waterfront architecture.

Woodman has recently had a major solo exhibition at the ICA, London (2016).

Betty Woodman is represented by Salon 94, New York.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist

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About Betty Woodman

Among the foremost contemporary American ceramists, Betty Woodman has been inventing and re-inventing new and traditional forms, producing exuberant, brightly colored, and witty works since the early 1950s. During the Pattern and Decoration movement in the ’70s, her career gained the momentum it has had ever since. This was the year she invented one of her most acclaimed works, the Pillow Pitcher, in which she crafted a vessel out of a bulbous shape pinched at both ends like a pillow. She also produces painterly wall pieces and large-scale installations, platters, and, most enduringly, vases in an endless array of styles, ranging from human figures to eccentrically concocted, multi-sided Cubist abstractions. The artistic traditions of Italy and the Mediterranean region inform Woodman’s work, which is also marked by Chinese and Modernist influences, and the ebullience of her unbounded approach.

American, 1930-2018, Norwalk, Connecticut, based in New York, New York