Bhakti Baxter, ‘Untitled (Hand)	’, 2004, Galerie Antoinette

About Bhakti Baxter

Producing works ranging from naturalistic painted portraits of his family members, to collages reminiscent of Henri Matisse’s, to surrealistic, mixed-media sculptural assemblages of found objects, Bhakti Baxter deliberately defies categorization, continually experimenting with different materials, techniques, and approaches to making art. He has been a staple of the contemporary art community in his native Miami since the early 1990s, when he and fellow artists Martin Oppel and Tao Rey transformed the lower level of their rented house into an experimental art space, establishing them as dynamic emerging talents and launching their careers. While Baxter’s output ranges vastly, his works are linked by an enduring fascination with natural systems, anthropology, global cultures, and the joy he finds in the alchemical process of art-making: “In art, one plus one can equal three any time—when two things come together, magic can happen.”

American, b. 1979, Miami, Florida, based in Miami, Florida

Group Shows

Hard Poems in Space: A Collaboration with NDS