Bik Van der Pol, ‘Little Liars ’, 2007, Galerie VIVID

Duo Bik Van Der Pol are known for re-using objects and ideas to question their social significance. “Little Liars” were Soviet radio receivers that could only receive a certain government-approved frequency—they were in every Soviet household and had to be on all day.

About Bik Van der Pol

Liesbeth Bik (b. 1959) and Jos van der Pol (b. 1961) believe in art’s power to change the way we think about the world. They teamed up as Bik Van der Pol in 1994, and have been working together ever since to create conceptually and socially motivated exhibitions, public events, and forums for thought and discussion. Through these forms, they question how collective knowledge and history are produced, and empower viewers to do the same. They credit what they describe as “the desertlike situation of Rotterdam,” where they attended art school and continue to live, with shaping their approach. As a corrective to the lack of culture there in the 1980s and ’90s, they formed the experimental space Duende with a group of fellow artists. This project set the path for their work, at the heart of which is dialogue, exchange, and critical thinking.


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