Bill Jacobson, ‘Place (Series) #1216’, Robert Morat

Series: Place (Series)

Image rights: Bill Jacobson / courtesy Robert Morat Galerie

About Bill Jacobson

Bill Jacobson began creating his trademark out-of-focus photographs in 1989, focusing on inner states and fleeting memories rather than clear recognition or representation. The works highlight quiet and potent emotions through the immateriality of light and form, creating their own melancholy narratives. Jacobson has recently begun experimenting with in-focus photographs, creating minimalist still lifes of objects and scenes reduced to almost abstract planes and shapes—an extension of his interest in challenging the specificity often assumed to be inherent to photography. “A photograph can simply be a document of ‘what is’, or it can be about a sense of longing, or desire, or love,” he has said.

American, b. 1955, Norwich, Connecticut, based in New York, New York