Bill Scott, ‘Woodside’, 2007, Hollis Taggart Galleries

Signature: Signed and dated lower right: "Bill Scott 07"

Hollis Taggart Galleries, New York, "Bill Scott: Recent Paintings," March 12 - April 4. 2009
Albemarle Gallery, London, "Bill Scott: Recent Works," 2010

"Bill Scott: Recent Paintings" (New York: Hollis Taggart Galleries, 2009), n.p.
"Bill Scott: Recent Works" (London: Albemarle Gallery, 2010), no. 10

About Bill Scott

Bill Scott is known for his expressive paintings, reminiscent of quilts and patchwork, and his use of calligraphic lines and color blocking to create landscapes charged with emotion and movement. All of his marks, from looping lines and doodles to layered geometric shapes, undulate rhythmically, often blurring together to form a single, ambiguous color field. Translating inspiration from Henri Matisse and Fauvism into a more sublimated, abstract style, Scott’s work pursues exuberant beauty in an age more concerned with theoretical aims.

American, b. 1956, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania