Bjarne Melgaard, ‘The times never will be there again’, 2012, Heritage Auctions
Bjarne Melgaard, ‘The times never will be there again’, 2012, Heritage Auctions


Shipping from New York City.

“I want to see how color can reference the abject state of bourgeois existence, how it can tell us that we are all just a bunch of doomed whores going nowhere and that each second of the day, we are getting close to oblivion.” – Bjarne Melgaard, Art in America, November 2012 pg 77.

—Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

Image rights: Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

The artist; Gavin's Brown Enterprise, New York; Public Art Fund 2014 Spring Benefit, New York; Private collection, Canada, acquired from the above.

About Bjarne Melgaard

Multi-hyphenate Bjarne Melgaard’s practice is as immersive as it is provocative. Engaging a plethora of methods in his paintings, sculptures, writing, and sensory installations, Melgaard probes psychological angst and taboo-bending subcultures. In recent work, he has crafted large-scale pink panther figures, some holding meth pipes, covered in seemingly arbitrary swaths of paint. His expressionistic paintings incorporate texts that have a confessional quality, revealing desires, fears, violence, personal anxieties, drug-taking, and sex, though whether these relate to a fictional or real persona is left ambiguous. “Melgaard’s art comes across as something much closer to need itself, something manically important he’s trying to get at,” the critic Jerry Saltz wrote, “even if he knows that in our oversaturated, defensively cynical moment that this is almost impossible.”

Norwegian, b. 1967, Sydney, Australia, based in New York, New York