Björn Schülke, ‘Nervous’, 1999-2009, bitforms gallery

Nervous is a quivering ball of orange fur that frantically emits electro-beeps and extraterrestrial sounds as viewers move closer to engage the object. This interactive sculpture is triggered by a theremin, one of the first electronic music instruments (invented in 1917).

About Björn Schülke

Influenced by German sound artist Peter Vogel and Jean Tinguely’s kinetic sculptures, Björn Schülke creates complex viewer-activated machines that combine movement, surveillance, and sound. Equal parts art and science, Schülke’s works play on our relationship to technology, from the ominously-titled Drone #6 (2006), which appears to hover close to the ceiling and monitor movement below, to the playful oddity of Nervous (1999-2009), a wall-mounted, fluorescent orange ball of fur that shudders and emits robotic noises when approached.

German, b. 1967