Björn Schülke, ‘Solar Kinetic Object #64’, 2007, bitforms gallery

Delicate blue and white active sculptures powered and adorned by solar cells comprise Schülkeʼs Solar Kinetic Object series. Born from a world of spaceships, unusual scientific instruments and robots, these pieces speak powerfully to todayʼs environmental concerns. Each piece is unique– some employ tiny red blinking lights, bells or propellers. Exhibited as a group these sculptures react to available light energy and reveal an elegant site-specific rhythm of movement.

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About Björn Schülke

Influenced by German sound artist Peter Vogel and Jean Tinguely’s kinetic sculptures, Björn Schülke creates complex viewer-activated machines that combine movement, surveillance, and sound. Equal parts art and science, Schülke’s works play on our relationship to technology, from the ominously-titled Drone #6 (2006), which appears to hover close to the ceiling and monitor movement below, to the playful oddity of Nervous (1999-2009), a wall-mounted, fluorescent orange ball of fur that shudders and emits robotic noises when approached.

German, b. 1967