Bob Willoughby, ‘DEAN MARTIN AND FRANK SINATRA’, 1960, Huxley-Parlour

Signed by Christopher Willoughby, executor of the estate, inscribed with title and photographer's copyright information, numbered 1/15 and stamped with photographer's estate copyright ink stamp on reverse
Archival pigment print, printed 11 February 2011
Printed on 20 x 24 inch paper
From an edition of 15

Signature: Signed and numbered by Christopher Willoughby Stamped with estate stamp

Bob Willoughby Estate

About Bob Willoughby

In 1954, Warner Brothers Studios asked Bob Willoughby to photograph Judy Garland on the set of A Star is Born. LIFE magazine ran Willoughby’s images, and he was solidified as the first film set photographer. Having previously apprenticed for celebrity photographers such as Wallace Seawell and Paul Hesse, Willoughby went on to revolutionize Hollywood photography, his career coinciding with the Golden Age of film. From the frenetic onstage and calm backstage of California’s jazz scene, to Dustin Hoffman on the set of The Graduate and Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, his spontaneous, documentary-style photographs revealed a previously unseen side of celebrities—vulnerable and emotional, yet still glamorous. Willoughby sought to make himself invisible by blending in with the camera crews, and he created remote control cameras to shoot silently while on set.

American, 1927-2009, Los Angeles, California