Boris Savelev, ‘Rails, Czernowtz’, 2013, °CLAIR Galerie

About Boris Savelev

Often described as an “observational realist”, Boris Savelev is known for his photographs documenting Russia from the Cold War to the present day. Savelev’s concern with color, light, and form have led him to experiment with traditional and alternative printing techniques, the most significant being a custom-built, multi-layer pigment printer that he uses to print images onto gesso-coated aluminum panels, which he then finishes by hand before applying a layer of wax. “With each new image I prepare for printing, my impressions are sharpened and the final print takes on a bright expression, a personal character,” Savelev says. This laborious process allows him to produce images with a profound depth of color and light and a wide range of tonal values. Savelev began his career as an aerospace engineer and considers his “methodical, scientific background” a profound influence on his aesthetic.

Ukrainian, b. 1947, Ukraine

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Boris Savelev: Colour Constructions