Bottega Vignoli, ‘Renaissance vase’, 2016, MADEINBRITALY

Bottega Vignoli is a brand of artistic ceramics based in Faenza, one of the most representative ceramic production centers in Italy. Founded in 1976 by sisters Saura and Ivana, Bottega Vignoli stands out for its limited production, accurate details and skilful experimentation resulting in stunning unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. Their style is immediately recognizable and expressly follows the path of Mediterranean majolicas, with inspiration taken from Byzantine, Roman and Islamic themes reinterpreted in their own unique style. Bottega Vignoli production includes ornamental pieces, household objects, elements for urban design, limited series and customized lines. The baking with full-fire reduction technique which they use allows them to obtain shimmering colours and iridescent reflexes so that every piece has unique and inimitable features. The decorative themes are historical reinterpretations or completely original ones, but always on the path of research that makes this territory so distinct.

About Bottega Vignoli