Boyd & Evans, ‘Zurich Station’, 2003, Flowers

About Boyd & Evans

Fionnuala Boyd and Les Evans, the husband-and-wife team who go by Boyd & Evans, have been working together since 1968, producing narrative paintings and photographs of landscapes and domestic scenes touched by Surrealism. Claiming influence from Harold Pinter and René Magritte, and deflecting easy characterizations of their realistically rendered scenes, they explain that “‘narrative’ has been the one label we would accept without flinching. We do not like being referred to as realists, whether hyper-, super-, photo-, or just plain. Reality is so different from a picture.” Working from the photographs they take of landscapes around the world (with a particular and enduring fascination for those of the American West) Boyd & Evans merge the perspective of the camera with that of the painter to create their uncanny compositions, holding the mundane and the sublime in exquisite tension.

British, 1944 and 1945, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom

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