Brad Grievson, Supplement

About Brad Grievson

In understated, mixed-media works merging collage, painting, drawing, and photography, conceptual artist Brad Grievson explores how the meaning of materials and images is continually transformed by the ways in which they are used, accumulated, seen, and circulated. He often works with remnants from other projects—pages torn from magazines, pieces of fabric, scraps of paper—incorporating them into new compositions, in which they appear, in his words, “suspended [in a] state between partial and total destruction.” This is apparent in Grievson’s “Shutters” series (2014), in which he affixes scraps of black casement fabric to white canvases in patchwork patterns. Ordinarily used for making such utilitarian things as curtains, tablecloths, and upholstery, the fabric is transformed on the canvas into rough-edged geometric shapes in a minimalist composition, or into obscuring shutters, blocking access to the familiar surface of the canvas.

British, b. 1986