Brandon Lattu, ‘Boy with Image of Payphone’, 2016, Koenig & Clinton

About Brandon Lattu

Though Brandon Lattu’s body of work is wide-ranging and deliberately unclassifiable— it includes sculptures, works on paper, and projections—it is unified by his use of digital and analog photographs and his ongoing exploration of how they structure our knowledge of the world. Lattu draws from his personal archive of nearly 100,000 photographic images, which he manipulates in seemingly endless ways to craft his works. With a nod to Marcel Duchamp, he approaches photographs as readymades, combining them into genre-bending forms that strip them of their utility, challenging their historical use as documentary, archival records. In his evocative “Random Composition” (2010) and “Selected Composition” (2012-13) series, he forms geometric wall reliefs out of a random assortment of digital images, which are visible only at the edges of the work, teasingly and suggestively obscured by a front-facing plane of solid color.

American, b. 1970, Athens, Georgia, based in Los Angeles, California