Brenna Murphy, ‘Sky Choir’, 2014, Upfor
Brenna Murphy, ‘Sky Choir’, 2014, Upfor

Price listed is for framed, wall-hanging work. Originally presented as a cradled, standing work.

Image rights: Photos by Evan La Londe and Mario Gallucci, images © Brenna Murphy.

Dec. 2014 - Jan. 2015, Central~Lattice Tool Array, Upfor, Portland, OR (solo)

About Brenna Murphy

Net artist Brenna Murphy uses computer programs to craft digital forms inspired by her observations of the physical world. Made using a variety of programs such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Blender, her complex, abstract forms find synthesis between different digital disciplines. Murphy combines her digital prints with found objects, collages, videos, and even performance work in gallery spaces, seeking to cultivate relationships between these forms and bring digital work into the realm of the physical. “I add and carve until the arrangement is balanced in a way that creates a perfectly cohesive, vibrating ecosystem,” she says of her process.

American, b. 1986, Edmonds, WA, United States, based in Portland, Oregon