Brent McIntosh, ‘Top Pond West Bank (MCI 04)’, J. Cacciola Gallery

McIntosh’s paintings are heavily inspired by nature, as is evident with his choice of subject. His paintings depict streams, riverbanks, and forests captured at different seasons and hours. McIntosh constantly takes photos for inspiration and reference, and upon choosing a photograph deemed interesting enough to paint, he builds his paintings painstakingly by layering colors onto the surface until the buildup of color create form and shape to his liking. The paintings up close are almost abstract; the melded forms separating into chunks of color the closer one gets to the surface of the painting. The surface of his paintings is just as engaging as the visuals. By using icing trowels and palette knives to apply paint, the thick impasto makes for a painting full of visual tension and rhythm. McIntosh’s paintings create a dazzling visual for the eyes with his choice of colors and technique.

About Brent McIntosh

Canadian, b. 1959, Montreal, Canada, based in Toronto, Canada

Solo Shows

Nicholas Metivier Gallery, 
Brent McIntosh
Brent McIntosh: Five Paintings