Brett Murray, ‘Political Persausion’, 2013, Southern Guild

About Brett Murray

Brett Murray makes art as a form of protest. In his acerbic bronze sculptures, photographs, works on paper, paintings, and public art installations, he lambastes politicians, corruption, and abuses of power in his native South Africa and beyond. Satire in all of its forms is key to his approach, as he explains: “Within satire, there is a range from the one-liner to something more open-ended, more metaphorical, where the humor is more layered. I try and work within all of these.” The language and symbols of power figure prominently in his work, twisted to reveal the lies and greed they mask. In his series of metalwork shields, for example, he combines traditional heraldic motifs with phalluses and money signs, stand-ins for politicians. As his diverse, prolific output attests, Murray will push back creatively as long as politics continues as usual.

South African , b. 1961, Pretoria, South Africa, based in Cape Town, South Africa