Brett Weston, ‘Untitled (Hand and Ear of Ramiel McGehee)’, 1929, Phillips

In 1929, the same year Edward and Brett Weston opened their portrait studio in Carmel, California, Brett took this compelling image of close family friend Ramiel McGehee. McGehee, a writer, was a very good and trusted friend of Edward's and as Weston described in his Daybooks “He alone from out of the potpourri of friends and acquaintances has emerged a definite clear-cut figure from whom I cannot part…” Another print of this image is in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
Courtesy of Phillips

Signature: Signed and dated in pencil on the mount.

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Robert K. Byers, Carmel, CA acquired directly from the artist

About Brett Weston

Son of famed photographer Edward Weston, and a sometime subject of his father’s work, Brett Weston developed his own vision and pursued a celebrated photographic career, beginning at 13 and continuing until the end of his life. He started work in 1925 as his father’s studio assistant in Mexico, where he absorbed formative influences from his father as well as Tina Modotti, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and José Clemente Orozco. At 17, he had his work included in “Film und Foto” (1929), a critical avant-garde exhibition held between the two World Wars. Taking a thoroughly Modernist approach to his medium, he reduced his subject matter to pure form through careful framing and the production of high contrast black-and-white prints. Weston traveled the world, transforming urban and natural landscapes, close-ups of organic and manmade materials, and nudes into elegant, abstract volumes and patterns.

American, 1911-1993, Los Angeles, California, based in Carmel, California