Brian Alfred, ‘Windows’, 2018, Miles McEnery Gallery

About Brian Alfred

Brian Alfred's paintings, collages, and animations examine how technology has altered our perception of our surroundings and how we process information. Working from photographs, Alfred uses a computer to reduce images (often of architecture, machinery, urban landscapes, and office interiors) to their essential forms, before turning these elements into flattened, bold color fields that retain a handmade feel. The 2009 series "Millions Now Living Will Never Die!!!" departs from Alfred's typically depopulated imagery, presenting 333 portraits of cultural figures who have influenced his artistic practice, including Pop artists Andy Warhol and James Rosenquist and musicians Miles Davis and Bob Marley. In 2004, a documentary about the Alfred titled ArtFlick 001 was featured at the Sundance Film Festival.

American, b. 1973, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, based in Brooklyn, New York