Brian Finke, ‘Untitled’, 2013, Aperture Benefit Auction 2014

With his award-winning series documenting the rituals of groups such as cheerleaders, flight attendants, construction workers, and U.S. Marshals, Brian Finke uses vibrant colors and calculated compositions to intensify otherwise candid moments.

Frame dimensions: 12"x12". Print dimensions vary.

Image rights: Courtesy the artist

About Brian Finke

In search of the essence of team ritual and identity, photographer Brian Finke turns his lens on groups of people, embedding himself in such varied worlds as the circles of bodybuilders, flight attendants, high school cheerleaders, and frat boys. Inspired early on by the work of photojournalist W. Eugene Smith, Finke takes a documentary approach, often spending years following his subjects, immersing himself in their lives in order to capture carefully framed yet candid moments that comment upon contemporary culture. He uses a medium-format Hasselblad with flash in order to, as he describes, “create images that heighten the everyday, to create a reality that is larger than life.”

American, b. 1976