Brian Jungen, ‘Blanket no. 5’, 2008, Casey Kaplan

About Brian Jungen

Best known for depicting traditional First Nation objects—like totems and masks—using ordinary objects such as golf bags and Nike Air Jordan sneakers, Brian Jungen fuses his interest in contemporary issues like consumerism with his Dane-zaa heritage. For a 2011 exhibition, Jungen continued this juxtaposition of organic and industrial, ritualistic, and fetishized, transforming mid-century chairs into traditional drums by binding them in communally stitched elk hides (as seen in his 2011 work Fore Revolver Reverse). Other works include a life-sized igloo made with trash bins, full-size whale skeletons made from white plastic furniture, and an aboriginal-style blanket stitched out of professional sports jerseys.

Canadian, b. 1970, Ft. Saint John, Canada, based in Vancouver, British Columbia