Brian Knep, ‘Drift Grid’, 2005, Ronald Feldman Gallery

About Brian Knep

With a background in computer science and mathematics, Brian Knep uses scientific knowledge and information as the basis for his explorations of memory and healing in interactive installations. Knep’s work considers how abstract forms create systems and meanings through interaction with their environment. Knep projects abstract patterns on walls or floors; each work either responds to the viewers or behaves as a closed system. Many of his works emerge from specific scientific studies or models, and he views his artworks as a way to bridge two disciplines often seen as antithetical. “We learn science like it’s a done deal. You learn the rules and what’s happened, but don’t really learn it as something that’s still happening,” the Boston-based artist has said. “We need to learn how to be a maker, how to be a creator.”

South African, b. 1968