Brian Rochefort, ‘Cup’, 2017, The Kitchen

Courtesy of the Artist and Van Doren Waxter.

Brian Rochefort’s Cup is part of his “Energy Gloops” series, which employ a combination of old and new ceramic techniques to figure a relentless romance with material romance. Rochefort is among the only ceramic artists to use Dupont’s automotive paints, working directly with developers to craft custom urethane pigments combining the best in paint and plastics technology. Each piece’s surface, texture, and particular sheen reflect an exuberant experimentation with the vessel as canvas and laboratory. –Courtesy of The Kitchen


Brian Rochefort is a mixed media sculptor working primarily in ceramics. Rochefort creates cups and vessels that are coated in layers of custom automotive urethane paints. Rochefort is currently living and working in Los Angeles, where he continues his ongoing series titled “Energy Gloops.” Van Doren Waxter is currently showing a solo exhibition of his work.

Signature: Bottom

Image rights: Courtesy of the Artist and The Kitchen.

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