Brian Ulrich, ‘Marshall Fields’, 2009, Galerie f5,6

Signature: signed verso

About Brian Ulrich

Brian Ulrich photographs the imagery of American consumer culture, from supermarket checkouts to stacked shelves of candy. In his “Copia” series (2002-6), he depicted American shopping habits in “big-box” retail stores, reacting to George W. Bush’s post-9/11 proclamation that Americans could show their patriotism by shopping. “By scrutinizing these rituals and their environments, I hope that viewers will evaluate the increasing complexities of the modern world and their role within it,” he has said. Ulrich’s “Trashcam” (2001) series consisted of photographs taken from the view of a public trashcan, documenting the surprising range of its uses, from waste receptacle to resting place to source of livelihood.

American, b. 1971, Northport, New York, based in Richmond, Virginia

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