Brikena Boci, ‘The Fountain of Life’, 2014, Studio 905 on Juniper

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About Brikena Boci

For Brikena Boci, making art is a way for her to be more sensitive to the world, and it allows her to engage her audience in a conversation about both personal and sociopolitical experiences she has had. Born in Albania, Boci says a pivotal moment in her artistic development was when her family hosted a Kosovar photographer and refugee who told Boci that his photographs of the war were the only things that mattered to him. Boci continues the same passion and dedication in her work, using textiles and paint to create vibrant, whimsical portraits of empowered female figures. In Boci’s fantastical world of paintings and embroideries, her characters glisten with sequins, each radiantly unique.

Albanian, b. 1980, Vlore, Albania, based in Atlanta, Georgia