Brock Enright, ‘11 Year Old Boy’, 2012, Nina Johnson

About Brock Enright

Performance is at the heart of the work of Brock Enright, who has been polarizing audiences since he announced to his Columbia MFA advisor, John Kessler, that all the work he had produced under his tutelage was done under the instruction of two anonymous Fluxus artists. He became infamous for Videogames Adventure Services, the “company as sculpture” he created that offered designer kidnapping services to clients. Since then, the former drawing assistant of Robert Longo has also explored film, often with collaborator Jody Lee Lipes, and created “light drawings,” by scratching images into the backs of mirrors. Enright, who describes his practice as “anarchy, in the truest sense,” often combines found objects, worn-out stages, and other remnants from his performances in his exhibitions.

American, b. 1976