Bruno Kurz, ‘Great Silence I’, 2017, Odon Wagner Contemporary

Signature: Signed and dated 'B. Kurz 2017 on upper left verso.

About Bruno Kurz

“I create slow paintings,” German artist Bruno Kurz has said. Made of layers of resin on metal, canvas, or wood, his work features horizontal bands of luminous color that invite viewers to approach them and explore their subtle nuances. Though his work is non-representational, Kurz draws inspiration from a variety of sources, as in the case of his “Argyll” and “Hebrides” cycles, a series of abstracted landscapes inspired by Roman mythology and the tempestuous weather of Scotland in winter. His extensive travels, spanning from Mexico, Iceland, and Egypt to India and across Asia, provide fodder for his ongoing engagement with natural environments.

German, b. 1957