Bruno Poinsard, ‘Sky High’, ArtStar
Bruno Poinsard, ‘Sky High’, ArtStar

The universe of Bruno Poinsard
By: Laurent Loiseau
Entering the universe of Bruno Poinsard means entering a world of resonance. Textures and colors set as counterpoints, chromatic correspondences, rhymes of bodies and fabric. The photographs of Bruno Poinsard ennoble the woman – a woman one can relish, one can breath in, a woman one can touch. The woman in his pictures is not an object of desire. She is desire. If she were a flower, he would let us smell her fragrance. If she were a fruit, we could test her aroma. Her perfume wakens all of our five senses and allures us with a thousand enchantments. Looking closely at Bruno Poinsard’s work you will understand how this photographer of beauty manages to stage the promised dreams for magazines so brillantely. Undoubtedly his unique style will not only continue to enthrall art directors all over the world but the beauty of his models will also instantly bedazzle the viewer. However, his talent expresses itself across his whole work: Depicting female beauty in all its humaneness; making woman accessible without exhibiting her. Bruno Poinsard is one of the few photographers who can present the image of a woman and reveal her hidden dimension without violating her intimacy. Rather tan just cultivating a particular style, Bruno Poinsard emphasizes a certain attitude towards life.” Trust always manifests itself in the pictures. You already notice it during the shooting, “ he explains. Look at the eyes of the girls in his work : Do they not all display a certain glow which makes their gazes so lively, so passionate ? A glow that can only stem from real trust and confidence – the sign of style affected by generosity which is indeed rare for a photographer of beauty.

Bruno Poinsard is part of the Trunk Archive on ArtStar.

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