Bryce Hudson, ‘Holding Pattern - Megan’, 2010, Duane Reed Gallery

About Bryce Hudson

Exploring underlying social issues surrounding race, gender, and beauty, Bryce Hudson works in an neoplastic printmaking style wherein geometries, color, and composition allude to an underlying symbolism. Hudson, who his biracial, uses shades of black, white, yellow, and orange as racial indicators, patterning blocks of color to explore notions of class. His art finds formal influences in De Stijl Modernism, Zen serenity, and Postmodern styles. By employing reductive, hard-edged blocks of color at varying angles, Hudson creates a sense of movement and depth, such that his color fields appear to vibrate. Exploring the power of digital media to manipulate, Hudson’s “Kentucky Gentleman Series” transforms the artist into a person of every race he has ever been mistaken for, exposing physical definitions of identity, nationality, and personhood.

American, b. 1979, based in Louisville, Kentucky

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