Burcu Perçin, ‘Dıştaki Hareket, İçteki Boşluk’, 2016, x-ist

About Burcu Perçin

Burcu Perçin transforms her photographs of abandoned factories, depots, dockyards, and other industrial spaces into vividly colorful oil paintings and collages. She pays particular attention to graffiti, abandoned objects, vacant cars, and other traces of human activity. “The sense of imprisonment and loneliness in these places is a theme, repeatedly dealt within my works,” she has said. “In my art, I am trying to question globalization with reference to certain socio-political issues, including the termination of production, and thus, unemployment and environmental problems.” Perçin also relies on certain experimental techniques, such as sticking masking tape on her paintings in various patterns then pulling them off to create a weathered effect on the surface of the canvas.

Turkish, b. 1979